Sunday, 22 September 2013

Inspired Vacation

It's vacation time!! Well...Not really, it was back at the beginning of August. Wait, you knew that (or should have if you keep up to date on me).

There are not many other times of the year that I enjoy more that spending a week in Prince Edward County. Especially when it's sharing that time with my beautiful wife and two of the best parents ever.

Picture sitting on a beach in front of a what looks like to be an endless body of water. Yes, I'm talking about Lake Ontario from Sandbanks and Wellington beaches. No, I know it's not anything like looking out at the ocean with the next piece of land being miles and miles away... But for me it's always a nostalgic feeling.

Days of looking out onto this body of water from these awesome locations goes way back to much farther than I could remember. The number of summers that I have spent on the sand at the beach I couldn't even count. As you can probably gather by now I spent a lot of time on this amazing island. And of course in the handful of past years it has been my favourite spot for all photography.

There is a lot of emotion behind these pictures and I hope you can all see that!

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