Monday, 2 September 2013

It's a bird...It's a plane... No, It's a bird.

Hi there! It's been a while! For lack a pure laziness than lack of product.

At the beginning of August (a whole month ago.. I really am bad at this..) I had the luxury of heading down to Prince Edward County with my wife and my parents. It's a yearly thing we do, we all love it there and never want to leave. The small town is amazing! I can't begin to explain how serene it is compared to the city here in Ottawa.

If by this point your excited for photos of the area, you should be. However I'm not done editing those yet, but they will come... Soon... Hopefully.

However, I'm very excited to get this set of photos up. This P.E.C. trip has become sort of a yearly event for us. It's so nice to get away. Of course every year leading up to our departure I start thinking of  what kind of photos I can get from this upcoming trip.

There has always been some really cool birds I have seen flying around the area, and for lack of not having my camera with me, I have never gotten any photos of them despite the fact that I wanted some so badly. (Sorry, that was quite a long sentence) Fast forward to this year, and me making a big step in my photography(finally!) I managed to get some of what I think are some cool shots and probably some of my favourite.


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