Monday, 17 June 2013

Walking for Photo's

This is just a quick post just to get some more photos up here for your enjoyment!

I'm lucky to have a wife that loves reading. Something we do from time to time is we find a park, or somewhere interesting for the camera to come out and she finds a bench and I go walking. It's an awesome activity that we can do together but not together (get it?).
Here's a few from the last walk.

Monday, 10 June 2013


Well I'm back... That's a lie I was back a long time ago. For any of you wondering, my wedding and honeymoon were awesome, wouldn't change a thing.
Of course if you have been reading any of my posts you would know that both my wife and I love the city of Montreal. It was pretty much a given that we'd be there around the time of our wedding for the honeymoon or not. Here are a couple landscape and city shots I got while we were down there. Maybe a few portraits to come, but we'll see! Enjoy! I definitely had fun taking these!