Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Little People

Taking photo's of kids can sometimes be a tough task. They move a lot, there attention span is short, and if you can't connect with them it can be tough to get the perfect picture.

I had the benefit of taking some photos for one of my fiancé's friends. It was one of the first photography "jobs" that I had done, and I came a little unprepared as to what to expect. After the shoot was over with and I went over the photo's I realized, that yes, I was unprepared. I came away with some pretty decent shots but I could do better and will do better the next go round.

So kids can be fun, the faces they make and the fun they seem to have with next to nothing make it very interesting to shoot. You really just have to have fun when shooting, otherwise it doesn't seem right.

While on the subject of little people, we had very small visitor at our apartment a few weeks ago. It was really the first experience I've had being a baby for a long period of time. While the mom and my fiance were chatting I was grunting and making faces drawing the little ones attention. I decided to grab my camera and get photo. The one thing I had noticed, babies eyes have the best reflections.

Enough of the writing, I just felt like I should make it up a little since again it has been a while since I've posted.

Thank for reading!

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