Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This will be Brilliant

Photography to me has been a wavering aspect in my life. I started to get interested in it after going to Quebec City with my parents on vacation one summer. When we got back, I uploaded the photos on to the computer and after pulling up the photo of Montmorency Falls, I heard from behind me, "that's incredible!" Of course, it's one of those things your parents have to say. After that I would take my dad's Minolta point and shoot 3.2 megapixel camera (WOW! Who knew those even existed now!) and would go take photos of flowers and anything I could find within walking distance to my home.

Montmorency Falls, yes the "Incredible" photo.

The low point to photography in my life is that it would always take a backseat to sports, be it soccer, basketball, or biking and snowboarding. Never was it a prominent thing in my everyday lifestyle. Out it went from my life for a while.

Then came my last year of high school, oh cool, there's a photography course! This might be something I could get used to doing for the rest of my life. Half the year went and it came to that wonderful time where we had to apply for college. Thinking that this photography thing might be what I want to do, I applied, I got in.

The wonderful months I spent in that course, being the stupid teenager I was, thought I just couldn't hack it. I dropped out. Photography was on hold for a few months after that.

About a year later, cars took over my life, and suddenly taking photos came back into the picture (hah!). I would go on photo shoots with my baby (car) and get countless portraits of her. Every time I would go back home to look at the photos, I would get that same response from my parents. Yeah, that same one they gave me about the Falls. I started to get back into taking my camera out on a regular basis and snapping away.

Now with the addition of some new gear, and a lovely fiance to encourage me, I get out more and more often. Showing my pictures off on websites (500px) and getting feedback from friends, I think to myself maybe I can hack it as a photographer. And creeping up on my late 20's I should probably figure out what it is that I want to do career wise with this crazy thing called life.

Now that the above, long winded, horrible piece of writing is finished (BTW,thanks for reading it), the weekly photos and stories begin. I will be sure not to go AWOL and keep on top of my schedule so that you readers will stay interested. 

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