Monday, 28 January 2013

Books, Books, Books and Books!

Books, they have power that can draw us in and take us away from our everyday life. They can stir up conversations between people, and they make us smarter. I do believe that one book in particular has changed my life, not because of what the book said but because of the bond that it created. That book was Choke, By Chuck Palahniuk.

Since meeting my Fiance, books have become a big part of my life. She absolutely loves collecting them and loves reading them even more. By association I have become a reader now and have read some really good books. Our library (well, her library) is constantly growing, and I have a feeling it will never stop. Also, if you wanted a good recommendation or review on a book see's really awesome).

Starting to expand my photo knowledge I have been searching for a series of photos that I could work on. Still life photography is something that always catches my eye. The composition and perfect lighting can make some amazing photos.

Enough with the writing, here is the series so far.

The book that changed me.
Soft light reading.
Banned Books
Quoting Chuck.
I call it checkered Chuck
That's the series so far. Hope you've enjoyed it and I will hopefully get to round 2 soon.


  1. Love this!!! The pictures are amazing! And yes, it is my ever growing library ;) <3 LOVE

  2. Much better than the unproperly scaled prints.
    YOU are an awesome photographer!